About Us

Kat’s K9 City Pet Services – Custom Care for Your Pet

Our Mission is to provide an experience tailored to you and your pet family needs;  That is professional, compassionate and personal.

Often pet parents’  busy schedules can make it difficult for their furry loved ones to get the physical activity that they need. Activities such as walks, hikes to even playing in the yard are very essential to your pets’ mental and physical health.

Your furry loved ones are a special member of the family. We will treat your furry family member like our very own. Our service standard is to only walk one pet family at a time. We want to ensure that your loved ones receives the quality of attention that they deserve. Our pet service providers have been training and caring for pets for over 15 years. Our pet service providers can’t wait to meet and your best buddy.

Our services include:

In-home Pet Sitting-While your away let your pet stay in the safety and comfort of their own home. 

Individual Dog Walking Sessions- We walk only one pet family at a time. We don’t believe in walking your dog with the herd. We specialize in providing your furry family member with the attention they deserve while they are out on the outdoor adventure. We are happy to arrange a daily walking schedule that fits you and your best buddies’ needs.

Dog Hiking Trips-Have a very energetic pup? We would be happy to tire them out with a hike!

Cat Feedings-Need to stay at work late or just want to socialize with friends/co-workers? Give us a call we can go by your home and  feed fluffy for you.

Litter Box Cleaning- It has to be done. We understand.

Other Pet Feedings-We will feed your fish,hamsters, reptiles, and amphibians while you are away.

Groomer and veterinary appointments pick-up/drop off.  A clean, healthy pet is a happy pet!